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A Career Overview of Serge Belamant | The Inventor of Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technologies introduced efficiency and security to banks, governments, and consumers for processing financial transactions. Serge Belamant is the brilliant inventor of smart cards, a technology that contains micro-processors with capabilities of functioning on-line or off-line. For 28 years, he devoted much of his time running Net1 Technologies and inventing applications that integrates with his business inventions. He pursued funding and raised millions of dollars while the company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. While listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange he raised $4 million which wasn’t enough to fulfill an agreement with South Africa’s provincial government. According to Forbes, in February 2007 the government awarded Serge Belamant the contract for welfare payments distribution.

So, he sold mini-systems for transferring money and paying wages, and processing smart cards for over one million welfare recipients. The move helped him boost the market cap for Net1 to $140 million. In the beginning, 77 percent of the company’s revenue came from the South African government. Serge invented blockchain technologies in South Africa and the United States. Those inventions include the RSA Point of Sale, ATM network, and the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. He headed development, design, operation, and implementation of Saswitch ATMs. After purchasing Cash Payment Services from South Africa First Nation Bank and going public, Net1’s market value increased to $2 billion in 2012. The RSA government awarded the company another contract to pay social grants to social security recipients in South Africa.

He developed morphing and a Bio-metric Comparison Engine to process the social security payments. Morphing is an enhancement of smart cards which features functionality in UEPS when used with devices, such as ATMs and point-of-sale systems. Before Serge Belamant started his working career, he studied engineering, mathematics, and computer technology at Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. Born in Tulle, France, he and his family moved to South Africa when he was a teenager and he continues to live there now. Belamant co-found Zilch Technology Limited this year and regained his business position to serve as CEO and Chairman for Net1 after he turned in his resignation in 2017, according to BlockPitch.

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How Jason Hope Is Changing Tech In Arizona

The Tech Mogul Of Scottsdale
Most people associate the tech industry with the Silicon Valley in California, but Arizona has recently made a name for itself in the tech industry. At the center of the Arizona tech industry is Jason Hope. His entrepreneurship has provided some of the best examples of investments into the state’s tech industry. Now, Hope wants to take things further with his predictions about the Internet of Things. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things will change everything about the way we live.

About The Internet Of Things
The Internet of Things is one of the hottest topics of our time, but it is often misunderstood. Although it may sometimes involve the use of online services, IoT actually refers to the exchange of data between common appliances. For instance, your tv might share data with a refrigerator. Today, you can find plenty of devices with at least some IoT interactivity, but the potential for this interactivity is going to explode in coming years. Eventually, everything from our homes to our cars will have at least IoT technology.

How This Changes Everything
Jason Hope has plenty of examples he uses to explain the potential of IOT. Take, for instance, the so-called smart home. Today, we have many automated household appliances, but they aren’t necessarily synchronized nor do they operate without any input from us. In coming years everything in our houses will operate on its own. Our houses will clean themselves, cook for us, and make our lives much more comfortable than they are today.

The Philanthropy Of Jason Hope
Beyond his interest in the Internet of Things Jason Hope has a strong interest in the future of aging medicine. Recently, Jason Hope made financial contributions to the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute. The SENS Institute wants to eradicate aging the same way many diseases today have already disappeared. Hope understands when a trend is going to start, and he clearly sees that potential in the SENS Institute’s efforts. Years from now our ideas around aging will look nothing like they do today thanks to the work of entrepreneurs like him.

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