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GoBuyside News Driving Compensation

GoBuyside is a worldwide executive search firm that recruits people with skills in investment for things like private equity firms and other investment companies. GoBuyside is spread out over a large geographical area. It expands to over 50 cities across the globe and has over 10,000 firms! These firms operate a very competitive platform. Read more about GoBuyside at

Since 2014, GoBuyside has been the leading firm for finding people to work for private equity companies. They have had a 6-8% increase for each year. The worldwide acknowledged benchmark, 2018 Private Equity and Venture Capital Compensation Report, published on December 19, 2017 provides information on salary bonuses and other compensation related information. Over 65% of workers within the GoBuyside company revealed that there has been an increase in earnings over the past few years through bonuses and other means of compensation. The workers working in the larger firms are known to be paid better than those working in the smaller firms.


There are many factors that influence how much more GoBuyside makes each year, but one of the biggest factors is the growing demand for new investment talent. Reaching hundreds of billions of dollars in North America only, GoBuyside is looking for more and more talented faces to work for their company. Although some of their firms are down by 1-9%, GoBuyside is predicted to make $161,000 this year which is up from $149,000 in the year 2017.

GoBuyside is steadily growing and needing more and more talent to fill roles in their company. The demand for investment companies remains high and only gets higher daily. Read more at Daily Forex Report about GoBuyside.