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Discover Your Inner Unicorn with Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the face behind the ultra-successful Lime Crime cosmetic brand, wants us all to find our inner unicorn. Using the terms she reserves for people that are just a little bit different, brave, creative and daring, Deere believes a bit of the unicorn spirit lives in all of us. In a recent interview with Bustle, Doe Deere sat down to discuss the fashion rules that are meant to be broken.

Be Bold

General make-up rules dictate that you should pick either a bold eye or a bold lip. Deere claims this isn’t so and often feels most comfortable in a makeup look that is universally bold. Choose the colors and pairings that speak to you, that make you feel beautiful. If that means a smoky eye paired with a deep, red lip, more power to you.

Be Careful Mixing Colors

Another fashion “rule” worth breaking concerns mixing colors. Deere encourages everyone to take a risk and play with color. Do not be afraid to experiment with blending brights and pastels, neutrals and neons or any other combination that makes you jump for joy.

Avoid Too Many Patterns

Next to mixing colors, Doe Deere loves to play with patterns. While she agrees that creating a beautiful look featuring multiple patterns can be intimidating, it can also be breathtaking.

Avoid Socks with Heels

Socks allow you to accessorize every outfit with personality, according to Deere. A self-proclaimed owner of more than 100 pairs of socks, Deere believes they are an easy way to add color and fun to any outfits. Mix and match your heels and your favorite socks.

Bold Hair, Neutral Outfit

While neutral clothing provides a blank slate for brightly hued hair, you do not have to avoid colorful outfits. Deere encourages mermaid haired beauties to pay attention to color saturation. Pair pastel locks with light, soft colors.

Dress Your Age

Deere believes there is no such thing as dressing your age, or dressing for a certain occasion. Instead, she believes in dictating your own wardrobe. Put together outfits that make you feel happy, beautiful and daring. Do not be afraid to wear that tulle skirt at any age, or a glittery jacket while shopping for groceries.

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Marcio Alaor: Apple Acquires Technology Start-up Emotient


Apple, one of the biggest global technology companies, is always looking to improve its products by releasing new innovate features into the marketplace. One example of this technology is called “Touch” which is newly available with the iPhone 6S. This technology enables the phones user’s fingerprint to access smartphone functions. In the year of 2016, says Marcio Alaor director of Bank BMG, it is clearly obvious that Apple is committed to innovation as the companies most recent acquisitions indicate.

Apple recently acquired Emotient, a technology startup company that raised $8 million dollars from private investors. It was reported that Apple was interested in the company because of its artificial intelligence technology that is capable of analyzing both emotions and facial expression. Apple’s interest in facial recognition technology is not a new thing. In 2014, notes Marcio Alaor, the company purchased a patent for the identification of mood and facial expression. As of now, one can not be certain why Apple chose to purchase Emotient and the possible impact this might have on newly launched products by Apple this year. However, it is evident that the technology giant wants to include the latest technologies in its devices.

In addition to Apple’s interest in facial recognition technology, the company has purchased patent rights that would enable them to develop smartphones and tablet devices that feature “self-repair” technology. According to recent reports, notes director of Bank BMG, Marcio Alaor, the primary aim of this technology would allow the company to develop devices that can identify and fix operating glitches automatically. This feature could help protect the phone from water damage, notes some technology experts, according to Marcio Alaor. The device for example, could remove water from its interior before lager problems could develop.

In other envisioned scenarios, an Apple device with a “self-repair” feature would be enabled automatically during the times when the smartphone or tablet was on standby.

Marcio Alaor, says that facial recognition technology and self-repair technology at Apple are in early stage development and there is no set date for this technology to be released to the public. Notwithstanding, both of these investments by Apple seem to reinforce the company’s desire to remain at the forefront of the technology market, and could hint to new product features that may be released in the very near future.

Marcio Alaor is considered one of the top managers at BMG Bank. The mining bank is one of the largest banks in Brazil. BMG sponsors more that 39 professional soccer teams and is a household name in Brazil.

QNET Gives Support To Flood Victims in Chennai

A lot of people do not care about what happens to others in their country once they make it big. I am sick of hearing about celebrities and businessmen who complain about things but do little to help. However, there are companies out there that are putting their money where it counts. One of these companies is QNET, a leader in e-commerce and direct selling in Asia.

QNET is leading by example by donating Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Tami Nadu Chief Minster’s Relief Fund. I love the work that QNET has done in e-commerce which you can read about on their website and on their Wikipedia. However, I am very glad to see that they are following through with their intent.

This is not the first time that the organization has donated to causes, in fact, they have CSR initiative called QNET- WE CARE and it was this arm of the organization that the donation was made through. The donation was with Mr. T Srinivas Yadav the Minister for Commercial Taxes and Cinematography for the State of Telangana present.

QNET – WE CARE is highly credible and is known for its support of the underprivileged people in India. It helps destitute adults and also supports victims of disasters and more. Just two weeks ago the association gave 200 relief kits to 200 families that live in Chennai. All of these families had their homes washed away so to them this gift was irreplaceable. I love that they gave something that would really help improve the quality of survivors. Each kit had items such as cooking pots, mats, sheets, and other basic household items.

QNET is a leader in the direct selling business partly because of its wide variety of products, but also because of its dedicated staff who is dispersed in multiple countries throughout the world.

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