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Mobile Network Freedom Pop To Launch Free App In Spain

FreedomPop has made a name for itself by offering its users limited data, texts, and minutes for free as well as offering upgraded phone plans for as low as ten dollars a month. Users on the free mobile plan are able to add minutes, data, and texts for as little as one cent if they need to or they can upgrade their plan to increase their limit. By industry standards FreedomPop offers the absolute lowest phone plans and saves people a minimum of $80 a month on an individual phone plan compared to industry giants. According to an article written in Mobile World Live the mobile phone company plans to launch their WhatsApp messaging app in Spain for free.

Currently WhatsApp is free but limited in both the United Stats and England however the upgraded plans range from $9.99 to $59.99 for additional data. The reasoning behind this generous expansion is because according to FreedomPop’s data a whopping 70% of users in Spain use WhatsApp as a daily messaging system and that 70% makes up 90% of the texting community. FreedomPop’s goal has always been to provide a system where anyone can communicate for absolutely free and because nearly the whole country uses WhatsApp to text it only makes sense to foot the bill to keep their mission going.

Along with the free service FreedomPop will be offering a standard plan that offers free voice, data, and roaming in thirty-one countries. Applications for beta testing are being currently being accepted until they fill their target quota. FreedomPop only launched their services in England last year and they are already predicting they’ll have 100,000 users however they expect at least 500,000 in Spain. The company plans to continue their global expansion by taking it one country at a time.
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How VTA Publications Can Help You Plan For Retirement

Many Americans face an increasing fear of retirement years. They have come to discover the unreliability of a government system that promised them peace in retirement and have reached the conclusion that it is not as dependable as it was once thought to be. Americans are currently seeking dependable and predictable retirement solutions to ensure the security of their lives and the lives of their families in their elder years. VTA Publications, a company that develops and publishes quality digital coursework for individuals who desire to learn specific skills, has developed a course that promises to help people to retire with peace and dignity.

The course developed by VTA publications regarding retirement was created as an answer to an ever increasing problem among citizens of the United States. These Americans are facing situations that they did not expect to face in their lives. Inadequate preparation for retirement could be caused by any number of reasons, but is most commonly caused by a misunderstanding of the way the retirement system works. Alternatively, a lack of preparation for retirement could be caused by procrastination on the part of an individual who puts off any efforts to build a retirement income until it becomes too late to act.

In any case, their website shows VTA Publications has put together a retirement course to help individuals at any stage of life to build a retirement income that they can be proud of. This course teaches users to take steps to eliminate the debt in their lives. Without paying off debt, people could be forced to pay large bills during their retirement years that could rob them of any living expenses they may have worked hard to save. Additionally, the debt could be passed on to the relatives of the individual upon their death. This is usually an extremely unwanted consequence of debt. The course, therefore, emphasizes the importance of paying off one’s debt before advancing in the next steps of the course.

The remaining courses in VTA’s retirement course teaches the users how to effectively earn, manage, and maintain their income in an effort to build their retirement income up to an adequate level. The course shows the users appropriate ways to invest portions of their income into accounts to create high yielding returns. The course also teaches users how to figure out the correct amount of money that they need to save in order to live the lifestyle they wish to live upon retirement. A big point that MoreMoneyReview noted as a reason this is a course people definitely need to try.

The Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy of Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is a business person based in London, England. He was recently interviewed by Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network for the Enterprise Radio. Dye hosts a show which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to acquire business advice, news, and inspiration. The program does live event coverage from business people globally. In the recent interview, Sanjay Shah gave tips on becoming a prosperous entrepreneur and spoke on how he founded the solo capital and Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is also a renowned philanthropist. He is recognized for being the founder of Autism Rocks, which is a charity institution that majorly funds research on autism. Mr. Shah was motivated to establish Autism Rocks in 2014 after he found out that his four years old son Nikhil had been diagnosed with autism. Autism is an illness that affects the nervous system. He decided to use the affection for his family and music to boost wide research and awareness of autism. Shah has facilitated public awareness about the disorder by making partnerships with the music industry where he raises money for research from concerts.

Shah studied medicine, but later quit the dream of being a doctor to focus on the financial and investment sector. He became an accountant and worked for various investment banks such as the Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. He decided to open Solo Capital after he was dismissed from his job as an accountant during a financial crisis. Shah owns a couple of companies in London, Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands.

Mr. Shah founded Solo Capital Markets, a boutique financial service corporation that operates globally and has its headquarters in London, England. The company was incorporated in September 2011 and is also known as Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The firm focusses in proprietary trading, professional sports assets and consulting. The company’s net worth was 15.45 million pounds by the close of March 2015, had a cash flow of 30.26 million pounds and its assets totaled to 67.45 million pounds. Sanjay Shah is the CEO of the Solo Group Holdings that controls the Solo Capital Markets.


Beneful Dog Foods are Beneficial for your Furry Friend

Purinastore’s Beneful offers a vast amount of dog foods four your furry family member. The First type of dog food that Beneful offers is their dry dog food, Beneful Originals. These come in a variety of flavors such as: beef, chicken, and salmon. These Beneful Originals give your dog 100% of the nutrition that they need to grow, thrive, and maintain a shiny coat. Beneful Healthy Weight is another dry dog food ( offered by Beneful. This dog food helps your overweight get back to and maintain a healthy weight. Beneful also offers a dry dog food that gives your puppy all of the key vitamins and nutrients that he or she needs in order to grow. This variety, Beneful Healthy puppy, is made with real chicken. Beneful Playful Life is another option for dry dog food. This gives your dog protein-rich nutrition with real beef and egg. This combination of ingredients gives your dog all of the energy he needs to maintain a healthy and playful life. Beneful IncrediBites, offers all of the benefits of Beneful Playful Life, in small bites for your smaller breed of dogs. Beneful also offers a line of wet dog foods that meet the needs of a variety of dogs, no matter how big or small, or how old or young. For the smaller dog, Beneful Incredibites wet dog food comes a variety of three different flavors: beef, chicken, and salmon. All three of these flavors are enriched with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. These are a perfect meal for your little guy or girl. For the bigger dog, Beneful offers Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food. This come in three flavors as well. The first with beef, carrots, peas, and barley. The second with chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice. Finally, the third with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach.


Why Are Visual Search Engines Helpful?

Visual search engines on are some of the best tools in the world for making sure that people get the results they are looking for. A lot of people know what they are looking for, but they have no words for it. There are other people who actually have the object even though they do not know what it is, and they will be able to use a picture to get a result.

Slyce has made sure that searching will be easy for anyone, and it is a great program that shows people the exact image or things that are very close to it. People get the results they are looking for, and they can make sure that they have a link to where the image was found. Slyce has developed the technology to do the search, and they have also developed an app that is going to help people get results on their mobile devices.

People who are using Slyce are actually able to search for items that they can buy in the app, and those people will be able to see a link to the things that they have found. The link helps people buy something in an instant, or the link will show people what the thing in the image actually is. People can put a name to the object in the picture, and they can search for as many things as they want. Slyce opens up the whole Internet to people who are searching with pictures, and it helps them shop when they are ready to make a purchase over their phone or on their other mobile devices.

There are a lot of people who are not sure how they are going to get the items they are looking for, but they get all the answers when they use Slyce. The idea behind the technology is to help people find things they cannot name, and it is going to go pretty well for the people who are trying to find something unknown. The best part of this is that it happens with the bar codes or items. The bar codes can be matched to something in the real world, and the app is going to show people where they can buy something. Shopping takes a lot less time, and people can find things that they used to love from afar because they did not know what they were.

World Leader In Video Marketing Is Giving Away 30 Day Trials For Free.

Can you imagine having access to the most powerful video marketing service for a full 30 days at no cost to you? Well, you don’t have to imagine because Bob Reina, the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion has just announced the launch of his company’s 30 day free trials. Talk Fusion is a global leader in the video marketing industry and Bob Reina is giving everyone the ability to try the platform for a full 30 days free. Bob knows that everyone will love what Talk Fusion does and wants everyone to experience it first hand.

The thirty day free trials are available in over 140 countries and in nine different languages. Everything about Talk Fusion is super easy too. Bob Reina developed the basic idea because he wanted to send a video inside an email and AOL told him that it could not be done. Bob set out to send his video email and wound up creating the most sophisticated video marketing on the planet. You can sign up without a credit card too. You simply enter your name and email. Once you are signed up you have full access to video email, newsletters, the ability to host live meetings and so much more.

Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 and it has quickly become a global leader in the video marketing industry. This is because of a number of reasons. They have a high ethical approach to business and they provide a video marketing platform that is second to none. This means that the users get to know, like and trust Talk Fusion and continue using it over and over again. They also tell their friends, clients and business neighbors about Talk Fusion and those people use the service and in turn, tell others. As Bob Reina once said, “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

Talk Fusion lives up to the expectations of their customers. The whole system goes above and beyond. There is not a better system available and it shows in their success. The free 30 day trial is just going to open up the market to many more satisfied users. You owe it to yourself to go and try out Talk Fusion today.

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Michael Zomber And The Art Of Preserving History

Michael Zomber is one of the world’s most beloved historians, in addition to being a renowned collector of arms. Known for his extensive knowledge of weapons, Zomber should be a familiar face to History Channel watchers. He’s appeared on the channel’s ‘Tales of the Gun’ series. He can be seen on a multitude of programs such as ‘Guns of the Orient’, ‘Automatic Pistols’, ‘Guns of the Famous’, ‘Million Dollar Guns’, and ‘Dueling Pistols’. Michael Zomber’s encyclopedic knowledge of arms is not restricted to firearms.

In fact Michael Zomber is possibly most famous for his enthusiasm for the history behind Japanese samurai sword. Furthermore, Michael Zomber is a prolific author of books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as several screenplays. Some of his credits include ‘Shogun Iemitsu’, ‘Sweet Betsy: A Child of the Civil War’, and ‘Jesus and the Samurai’. Critics have heaped acclaim upon the documentary film, ‘Soul of the Samurai’, produced in collaboration with his wife, Andrea via their production company called Renascent Films LLC. Michael Zomber is a man possibly best defined by his wisdom.

Being someone who has spent well over a lifetime studying the role of weapons in history, and the often deeply disturbing lack of understanding about the nature of armed conflicts globally. He is a peaceful man, whose world revolves around the preservation of awareness. Michael Zomber is a long-time supporter of organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and UNICEF. Family is deeply important to Zomber. Currently he lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife and two children. Born and raised in Washington D.C., he earned his bachelors and master degrees at UCLA in English Literature.  Find Michael on Facebook for background information.

Slyce And Shoe Carnival Partner Up

Serious shoppers and fashion enthusiasts know there’s nothing quite as exciting as finding the perfect shoe, yet sometimes the search for that great looking and great fitting piece of footwear can be a daunting challenge. The search has just gotten easier, however, with the announcement by Slyce Ince. and Shoe Carnival of their partnership.

Slyce is one of the world’s leading image recognition technologies, and it uses state of the art 3D search technology to match up images of products (like shoes) with the actual products. With its partnership with Shoe Carnival, customers will now be able to easily find the perfect shoe that they’ve seen in a store or magazine.

How do customers use the technology? They simply take a photo of a shoe they want to find, and the Slyce technology will find it (or a close match) within the Shoe Carnival product catalogue, and send it to them. There’s no doubt this is a major breakthrough in shoe shopping, as Slyce combines its state of the art technology with the age old problem of finding a great shoe.

Kent Zimmerman, who is the Vice President of E Commerce at Shoe Carnival, is very excited about the possibilities this new partnership opens up. Profits will come to the companies through an arrangement for software licensing and service fees. All of this is a very happy situation for both companies. The leading edge system used by Slyce enables it to process not only product images but bar codes and coupons as well. All of this makes finding the perfect shoe a snap

So, next time a customer is in search of that perfect shoe, the reality is just a quick Slyce scan away.

Your Online Reputation Is Very Important


Ever though about your online reputation and how it can affect your career or business? Many people do not know that a bad reputation can have a devastating effect on many areas of their life, including their profession.


Melissa Click, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, had a terrible experience when she made a mistake that almost cost her a great career. Melissa was at a students protest with many other attendees but due to her action, which was caught on camera and later went viral, she almost lost her job.


After dealing with the charges for a misdemeanor and suspension from her job, she also had to deal with her ruined reputation. Melissa approached a highly recommended reputation management firm, Status Labs, for help in repairing her reputation.


Status Labs has been in the reputation management field for many years and is regarded as a leader in the industry. Status Labs has excellent resources and a quality team of SEO experts and digital content publishing specialists. The firm has numerous satisfied clients from a variety of industries, and their proprietary reputation repair and reputation management techniques enable them to render the best possible services to their clients.


Before you can start to repair or defend your online reputation, you must first know what your online reputation actually is. In other words, online reputation management starts with online reputation monitoring. It is essential to know what people are saying about you or your business on the Web. This is one of the areas that Status Labs is good at.


Status Labs will first find out what Internet users are saying about you and then address the issue appropriately. Their digital publishing professionals have great expertise in creating content that conveys a positive image of you or your business. And their SEO consultants have great knowledge and experience in using proven search engine optimization techniques to promote positive content while suppressing negative information.
T learn more about Status Labs and the many benefits of using their services, simply go to their website and contact their customer service representative.

A Bustle Review of Wen By Chaz

Have you been looking for new hair products on QVC? As you know, there are lots of shampoos and conditioners in the market, so it’s hard to find the ones that will work best for you. Luckily, Bustle’s Emily McClure tested WEN hair conditioner by Chaz Dean  for seven days, to give you an accurate idea of how the product works.

McClure states that it takes lots of product for the conditioner to work. If you have really thick hair, you’ll need about 32 pumps of the product! She noticed that her hair immediately felt thicker, which was definitely a good sign.

Over the next few days, Emily used Wen hair conditioner each day in the shower. She saw that her hair wasn’t as frizzy as before, but it did feel noticeably greasy. On the fourth day, when she didn’t have time to wash her hair, she said that her tresses felt heavy. She added a few curls for more volume, but the curls fell pretty quickly.

Near the end of the week, McClure says that her friends commented on the shininess of her hair, which let her know that her new hair treatment was working. Overall, Emily recommends WEN Hair conditioner, but says it’s best for women who wash and style their hair every day.